Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Shall we tri* this again?

I've come to realize that while I LOVE to write, I obviously don't have a hang of blogging yet. Chalk it up to a busy life a lack of motivation I guess, but here I am, back at the computer, trying again. Thanks to the 2 followers I kinda feel like I should put something down once in awhile, mainly because I get such a huge amount of enjoyment from reading both of their blogs.

So, why shall we "tri" this again? Cause my first triathlon is a short two months away. Then I have to find and finalize two more to do by December. See, I got it into my crazy head that if BFFJ can do this, so can I. And even yet, if I'm going to do one triathlon, why not two...why not three. Three tri's the year I turn 30. Sounds pretty good to me. :)

In the midst of finally getting a set training pattern (bike one day a week with the girls, run one day a week with same girls, add short runs 2-3 more days a week, and PRAY that I don't need much training at the pool because I don't currently have access to one...) I'm still working 24hr shifts and I'm moving. Gosh, what fun it will be to pack up an entire house full of junk and haul it 2.5mi down the road to the new one (thanks landloard for that lovely forclosure notice on my door, wonder where my rent check has been going, it keeps getting cashed). But as I step back and look, I have to drop all sarcasim and really give thanks. To Him, who's watching over me through all this. As I look back on the last 12 months I see how far I've come, dropped 60 pounds and gained even more confidence. Made peace with my past and became ready to move forward. Looking at the bigger picture I see how He's even covered me in this move and found a place for me to go. God is good.

People have always said "in the midst of change, you can choose to move forward, or let the world move forward without you." Here's to a 2.5mi move, a 0.5mi swim, 13mi bike, and 3.1mi run. And here's to moving forward.

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